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From Birth to Judgement : A Hallelujah Christmas

A Re-Awakening Within the Church

     Early in the year, brother Tommy Childress had a dream, a dream that the once-great ValleyView Christmas Play should be brought back. He prayed about it and even asked others. It was after several weeks and months that he decided to ask the church to do the play again this year, after a 14 year gap. The play, written anonymously decades ago, was last performed in 1998, when so many were saved during the production. Memories of the play are so numerous that so many in the church today wanted to be part of it again this year. So, with the help of his wife, Diana Childress, and the skills and support of Tammy and Rob Case, the play was underway. After all the props, sets, and lighting was purchased, built, and installed by the direction of Greg Dotson and so many helpers, the stage was built and ready for opening night on December 8, 2013.

     The actual mechanics of it all were not the only challenges to overcome in the rebirth of the momentus play, but the work that has went on behind the scenes to create and fix costumes from so many years ago, to securing volunteers to play the parts, Diana Childress and Shawntee Stanley have been hard at work to create what we see on stage today. 

     We thank the numerous volunteers who have volunteered and sacrificed their hard earned time to be a part of the production. We could not truly name everyone who has been involved, but you know who you are.


     The play was performed twice in the Christmas season of 2013, once on the official opening on Sunday, December 8,2013, and and encore presentation was performed on Friday, December 13,2013. Countless people visited the church during this time, filling up every seat in the house for both performances, with others standing along the walls. It was surely a sight to behold to see so many in God's house. We thank all those who attended!


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